Petroleum Ventures Program

  • Application

    Instructions: Fill out this form and then upload a single PDF document containing your responses to the following items. Please include your name on every page of your application. Applications are due by 12:00 noon on February 22nd.

    PART A (limit each essay to no more than 450 words)

    #1 - Essay:
    If you won $25 million in the lottery, what would you do with the money?

    #2 - Essay: Discuss if there is a relationship in pricing between crude and natural gas and how an Operator should decide how to exploit one or both. Identify the dominant strategic reasons or behaviors of the players in the world market that caused the price movements; including the dominant factors behind the most recent price collapse of both oil and natural gas.

    #3 - Essay: Briefly describe (in a perfect world) your five-year or ten-year career goals. Explain how you envision the PVP Certificate will help you achieve those goals (versus how you would attain your goals if you were not in the program). 

    #4 - Essay: This essay is optional. Please write about anything exceptional or unique that you believe the PVP Admissions Board should consider when reviewing your application.

    PART B

    Degree Plan: Submit a degree plan including the additional courses required to complete your PVP Certificate.

    PART C

    Resume - Submit an up to date resume including your cumulative GPA and PETE GPA. (By submitting this, you agree to release it for consideration by members of the PVP Board.)